Dyno Compact

  • $3,203.00


Introducing the DYNO Compact! Smaller and lighter than the rest of the DYNO line of Auto Belays, but with all of the same features. It features both webbing and rope options, depending on length, as well as a composite housing. Ideal for the home climbing gym or the shorter climbing route. Budget friendly as well.

The DYNO Compact Auto Belay is designed and manufactured in the UK. It is the fastest retracting belay on the market, exceeding all the IFSC requirements make it a perfect speed auto belay.

A permanently engaged braking system also makes it the safest auto belay available. No free fall or lock up element, so perfect for use by all climbers whatever their experience, with a smooth and controlled descent.

With low wearing and efficient running gear the DYNO is cost effective to maintain and service. The Compact, like the rest of the DYNO family, requires only annual servicing with quick turn around times thru our on-site service technician.

Available in Direct Drive (Slower rate of ascent, quiet operation) and Centrifugal (Fastest ascent speed on the market)

  • Lightweight and compact-under 16 Lbs!
  • Fast 6.5 m/s retraction speed
  • Instant braking system
  • Back up brake mechanism
  • Direct Drive or Centrifugal mechanisms allow you to choose the rate of ascent
  • User interchangeable carabiner and swivels
  • Low wearing component parts