Aventa Magnezilla Full Body Harness

  • $172.00


Experience the thrill of adventure with complete peace of mind. The Magnezilla Harness features a revolutionary magnetic buckle system that only authorized guides can unlock, ensuring your participants safety and enjoyment throughout your activity. 

  • Magnetic buckle technology: This innovative design eliminates accidental disengagement, providing unparalleled security for participants.
  • Guide-controlled release: Only authorized guides possess the key to unlock the buckle, guaranteeing participant safety during any activity.
  • Effortless entry and exit: Simply step into the harness, pull the straps snug, and you're ready to go. No complicated buckles or adjustments are needed!
  • Unleashed fun: Focus on the freedom and enjoyment participants can experience with the secure assurance of the Magnezilla Harness.
  • Pass through release buckle on legs and magnetic buckle on the front chest strap
  • D-ring on shoulder blade back for ANSI-compliant harness
  • Front connections allow you to attach lanyards and rope by carabiner, girth hitch, or direct tie-on.
  • MBS: 23KN
  • Size: XS-S, S-M, M-L
  • Weight: 2 LB / 40 OZ
  • Standard: MEET CE EN12277:2015
  • Standard: MEET ANSI Z359.11-2021