Training Wheels

  • 3D Bull Ring

    3D Bull Ring

    12 neon colored strings attached to a PVC tube. Takes the Bull Ring activity to a whole new level.The challenge is to carry a small ball using the bull ring and multiple strings through a series of...

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  • Arrowhead Puzzle

    Arrowhead Puzzle

    Here is a challenging puzzle for exploring the concepts of limited resources.  If your team needs to successfully complete a task when there seems to be insufficient resources to do so, then...

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  • Big Book of Low-Cost Training Games

    Big Book of Low-Cost Training Games

    Quick, Effective Activities that Explore Communication, Goal Setting, Character Development, Teambuilding, and More--and Won't Break the Bank!by Jim Cain and Mary ScannelMake training a game that...

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  • Body Part Debrief Set

    Body Part Debrief Set

    Don't leave home without your body parts!  This activity is our absolute best seller and favorite debriefing tool. Developed by our very own Michelle Cummings, this Body Part Bag will help your...

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  • Body Parts Keychain

    Body Parts Keychain

    This Body Part Keychain is a lightweight, take anywhere type of debriefing tool.  It includes five small body part charms with a ball chain, plus three stoplight beads and a splitter ring to put...

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  • Bull Ring Activity Bull Ring Activity

    Bull Ring Activity

    The challenge is to carry a small ball using the bull ring and multiple strings through a series of obstacles and place the ball onto the goal, a plastic stand. What's Included: One Bull Ring 1...

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  • Buzz Ring

    Buzz Ring

    The Buzz Ring is a great activity to do with your group, to either start your day or end your day on. Get the "Buzz Rings" whirring on the large ring and talk about the "buzz words" that your group...

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  • Conflict Animals Deluxe Set

    Conflict Animals Deluxe Set

    This activity deals with Conflict Styles. This activity is from Training Wheels founder, Michelle Cummings' book, Setting the Conflict Compass, co-authored with Mike Anderson. The Deluxe Set...

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  • Debriefing Thumball

    Debriefing Thumball

    The Debriefing Thumball™ was designed to help facilitators ask debriefing questions in a proper sequence that makes sense to participants. It can also shift some of the responsibility for...

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