Program Equipment (Zipline and Challenge Course)

Welcome to the Nature Outfitters one stop Zipline and Challenge Course shop! Find anything and everything you need to outfit, maintain, and expand your adventure! From builder supplies, to helmets and harnesses, to zipline brakes and rope, we've got it! Don't see what you're looking for? Jordan, our friendly Outfitters Guide, is here to help! Give her a call or send her an email at 770-577-8048x110 or 

  • Classic 8 Classic 8

    Classic 8

    Classic figure of '8' descender. Description Perfect for belaying the first climber with a half, single and double ropes. A true workhorse for Kong, which continues to be popular all over the world. Compatible with ropes from 9 to 12...

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  • Clicker Counter Clicker Counter

    Clicker Counter

    This is the perfect addition for any course that tracks participants on zip lines, climbing walls, ropes courses, and more! Description The Clicker Counter can count to 9999 as maximum figure.  No Batteries Required: All mechanical parts,...

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  • GZL Hydraulic Dismount System GZL Hydraulic Dismount System

    GZL Hydraulic Dismount System

    The Signature GZL Hydraulic Dismount System is a durable, low maintenance, and easy to use unit! It's designed to assist in operations on gravity zip lines (GZLs). The system provides accessibility to participants by lowering and raising the zip line to...

    MSRP: $10,000.00
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  • Large Bail Snap Shackle Large Bail Snap Shackle

    Large Bail Snap Shackle

    The large Bail Snap Shackle is used in conjunction with the Plug Fid for remote release trigger applications.  Description Weight: 4.6oz Working Load: 4000lbs Breaking Strength: 8000lbs A:11/16 in B: 21/32 in C:19/32 in D: 1 E: 3 5/8...

    MSRP: $233.35
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  • Leather Hand Brake Leather Hand Brake

    Leather Hand Brake

    The Nature Outfitters Leather Hand Brake is the perfect addition to your rescue bag, your participants program gear, or even your personal equipment. For years, ropes course and zip line inspectors and facilitators have used this type of brake. The...

    MSRP: $25.95
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  • Plug Fid (Purple)

    Plug Fid (Purple)

    The Plug Fid allows for remote release of trigger shackles. Description The fid is pushed into the trigger hole and the tapered rear of the fid allows the trigger to snap closed again and hold the fid in place. A lanyard can then be placed in...

    MSRP: $22.99
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  • Twister


    The Singing Rock Twister is an innovative rotating anchor to avoids severe rope twisting while loaded. Description Placed between a load and either rope or cable Working load 400 kg (881 lbs)/4kN Weight: 91 grams Strength: 22kN Bearing:...

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