Zip Line Lanyard with Built in Back up

  • $43.35


This lanyard is ideal for ziplines where a back up lanyard is required due to equipment or local regulation. Made of 1.75" nylon webbing, it features 4 belay loops total, with an 8-inch staggered length where the lanyard attaches to the zip line trolley, allowing for easier back-up attachment.

Breaking strength of 5,000 lbs. It can be used to connect a trolley and harness. Note that a carabiner is needed to attach the end of the lanyard to the pulley and the other end. Color coded for easy use.

  • Made with MIL-SPEC 5,000 lb. Rated webbing.
  • Industrial grade nylon bonded T-131 threading.
  • Meets and exceed Standard: CE EN 17109:2018, CE EN 358:1999, ANSI Z359.1