Tech Cord- 5MM

  • $1.75


Tech Cord is an exceptionally strong cord made of a 100 % Technora® core surrounded by a polyester sheath. This small diameter high strength rope is very abrasion resistant and is perfect as a cordelette rope, for balancing anchors, slinging chocks and hexes or as an emergency rappel line. Tech cord is also used as a zip line brake. This cord was originally designed in conjunction with the US Military as an emergency rappel and bailout cord. It is still used in those applications today.


  • Exceptionally strong for it’s size!
  • Highly abrasion resistant
  • Perfect for pre-tied cordelettes
  • Perfect for anchors.
  • Small and strong enough for slinging chocks, nuts and hexes
  • Super light-weight with a very high strength to weight ratio
  • May be used as an emergency rappel line (5mm recommended)
  • Sold by the foot


  • Core- Technora
  • Cover- Polyester