SafeDown Annual Servicing

  • $250.00


Nature Outfitters is excited to offer the SafeDown annual service per the manufacturers (Safe Climb) guidelines. Our techs are certified by Safe Climb to perform this service and inspection.  What's Included? 1. Annual Inspection 2. Minor parts replacement (springs/screws)  3. Shipping  4. Finalized Annual Inspection Report ***The customer will be notified upon inspection. Additional charges will apply for any replacement parts not included in the service. ***  How it Works (Instructions) 1. If your North Device unit is due or soon to be due for service, add this service item to your cart. Please note that the quantity box corresponds to the amount of SafeDown's that need to be serviced. Ex. QTY 1= 1 SafeDown 2.Proceed to check out and complete the check out process.  3. You'll receive a confirmation email as well as PDF form and instructions. 4. Ship the SafeDown(s) to us and we'll ship it back once complete!