Panji Harness

  • $59.95


Detailed description

  • Easy-to-use harness with gear loops, for adventure parks:
    - Wide connection point makes it easy to attach several lanyards
    - Green color-coded connection point and identification markings
    - Double gear loop made of thin webbing makes it easy to use with TRAC trolleys and reconnect JOKO lanyards
  • Makes the guide or monitor’s job easier:
    - Adjustment options at the waistbelt (up to 120 cm) and leg loops (up to 75 cm), allow the single size to fit a wide range of body sizes
    - Easy to don, with contrasting colors on the waistbelt and leg loops (gray inside, black outside)
    - Quickly and smoothly tighten straps with the DOUBLEBACK buckles
    - Webbing ends are easy to grip for tightening waistbelt and leg loops  
    - Identification and marking areas on outside of harness
    - Identification label is durable to make inventory management easier
  • Optimal durability:
    - Suited for use in dry or damp areas, and even in salty environments
    - Stainless steel DOUBLEBACK buckles for optimal durability
    - Thick, durable webbing for intensive use while maintaining smooth adjustments
    - Highly durable connection point, with flexible reinforcement and an integrated wear indicator of a different color
    - Elasticated rear straps are adjustable and extremely durable
    - Easy to clean


  • Material(s): High-density polyester webbing, stainless steel buckles
  • Certification(s): CE, EN 12277 type C, UKCA, UIAA 105