GZL Hydraulic Dismount System 5 Year Servicing

  • $3,050.00


We're excited to offer the 5 year certification and components upgrade (as needed) per the manufacturer's (Signature Research) guidelines. 

What's included?

1. 5 Year Inspection and Certification

2. Necessary Upgrades

***Upgrades will vary depending on the current components of each unit***

Upgrades May Include:

  • Quick Disconnects on all of the hoses, the housing box, the outside power box, and the controller
  • New Hoses and Cylinders
  • All electrical components on the outside of the housing box will be weatherproof
  • Upgraded warning/caution decals
  • Updated service decal 

3. Shipping to and from the service facility - INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: The customer will be responsible for any extra shipping, import tax, and duty expenses that may arise.

4. Finalized Inspection Report

***The customer will be notified upon inspection. Additional charges will apply for any replacement parts not included in the service. *** 

How it Works (Instructions)

1. If your GZL Hydraulic Dismount System is due or soon to be due for service, add this service item to your cart.

Please note that the quantity box corresponds to the amount of units that need to be serviced. Ex. QTY 1= 1 unit

***If you have a double unit, it required two services. Ex. QTY 2= 1 double unit ***

2. Proceed to check out and complete the check out process. 

3. A confirmation email including a PDF form with instructions will be sent to the email address on record. Shipping will be arranged upon submission of the required forms.

4. Ship the GZL Hydraulic Dismount System to us and we'll ship it back once complete!