Adjustable Lanyard w/Girth Hitch Attachment

  • $50.00


Adjustable Lanyard w/Girth Hitch Attachment by Fusion.

This product is a custom-made product and does not qualify for returns or refunds. Please contact your store representative before placing order. Please allow for 2-3 weeks for manufacturing. 

These specialty lanyards are customized with various specs to fit the customer's needs. This lanyard is equipped with one loop and one Delta ring. This lanyard is 1.75" wide and is adjustable. Designed specifically for safety and positioning for high rope courses. 

  • 1.75" MIL-SPEC rated webbing, rated at 5,000 lbs., with industrial grade nylon bonded T-131 threading. 
  • One loop
  • One adjustable delta ring 

Recommended Use

We recommend this lanyard be used with the Vertical Trek OCHO. Attach this lanyard to the OCHO using a Maillon Rapide Links (PMRL-12) (1/2")