Adjustable Crab Claw No Hooks 3'- 5'5"

  • $85.00


These are an adjustable Y-lanyard made of 1 3/4" Webbing.

Lanyards are used for protection on high ropes courses, adventure courses, and industrial heights.

These are designed to meet the standards of high ropes course protection and many industrial requirements

Used for positioning and safety lanyards provide light weight and superior strength.

***These items are made to order. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery***


***Note regarding usage and application***

Lobster Claws are a unique, adjustable set of positioning / safety lanyards designed specifically for program high ropes courses.  Using the claws, the participant can move from element to element on the high ropes course while remaining securely connected at all times to at least one point of contact. The connectors must require 2 seperate motions to open the gate to disengage it from a connection in order to maintain safety. Snap hooks are recommended as they are easier for small hands. Zorbers MUST be used if any protection anchor points being used are static (bolts, bolt hangers, staples, steel rods or beams). Dynamic systems, such as cables or movable anchorages. do not require Shock Absorbing Lanyards unless mandated by Federal, State or Local Jurisdiction. Shock Absorbing Lanyards are recommended if the lanyard is used by staff due to OSHA regulations.