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  • Caritool

    A simple tool holder designed to organize gear attached to a harness. Small tools can be arranged and accessed with one hand. Attaches to the webbing of a harness waist belt. A small hole at the top for attaching a keeper cord, to help prevent dropping...

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  • Clicker Counter

    Clicker Counter

    This is the perfect addition for any course that tracks participants on zip lines, climbing walls, ropes courses, and more! Description The Clicker Counter can count to 9999 as maximum figure.  No Batteries Required: All mechanical parts,...

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  • CMI Trolley Brake Block

    CMI Trolley Brake Block

    Carved from dense Appalachian hardwood and sealed with an environmentally safe preservative. The striking surface is crafted from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, noted for it's exceptional wear resistance. Steel hardware and two galvanized eye...

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  • Easy On Belt Keeper

    New Molded Belt Keeper that can be placed on almost any harness with ease. No need to disassemble the harness or elastic that looses it’s stretch.Simply pinch the webbing and side one end at a time into the back of the belt keeper and...

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  • EMT Shears

    A great addition to you gear, the EMT Scissors can cut through rope, clothes, and other thick, sturdy materials. 

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  • Galvanized Staples

    Galvanized diamond point staples. Choose from 6" or 8" staples using the drop down menu.To order a larger quantity of staples change the quantity in your shopping cart to the desired number and update your cart. Qty 1 = 1 Staple

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  • Halyard Quick Release Snap Shackle

    The Halyard quick release snap shackle is primarily used for single person swings. This allows the participant to pull the rip cord when they're ready, and swing! The swivel deters any twisting on the line.  Description Working...

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  • Heavy Duty Wire Rope Cutter

    Notched, shear-cut blades hold and lock cable in cutting position. Shear-cut blades give a clean and sharp cut. Designed for cutting wire rope, steel wire and aircraft cable.Cutters have double hinge that provides high cutting force with low...

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