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  • 3/8" Guy Wire Auto Dead-End

    3/8" Guy Wire Auto Dead-End

    Guy Wire Auto Dead-End with installation bail. Used with 3/8" galvanized aircraft cable and ropes course construction. Description Gripping Unit- Stainless Steel Yoke- Aluminum Alloy Bail- Stainless Steel Designed for use on all grades of...

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  • Round

    5/8" Washers

    5/8" galvanized washers for use with thimble eye, angle thimble eye, and nut eye bolts.  Options include: Round, Square, Curved Square, and Double Coil Lock Washers. Price varies based on option selected.To order a larger quantity of washers change...

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  • 5/8" x 4" Lag Eye Screw

    5/8" x 4" Drop forged lag eye screw.Used in ropes course construction.  Description Forged- Galvanized Threading- 5/8-5 Shank Length- 4" Overall Length- 6.5" Inside Eye Dimensions- 1.25" Made in China

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  • Ductile Suspension Clamp

    The ductile suspension clamp is a saddle type suspension clamp designed for use on overhead ground wire. They are designed for ground wire application with galvanized steel cable with or without armor rods. These clamps have a strength rating of 16000...

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  • Galvanized Staples

    Galvanized diamond point staples. Choose from 6" or 8" staples using the drop down menu.To order a larger quantity of staples change the quantity in your shopping cart to the desired number and update your cart. Qty 1 = 1 Staple

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  • Halyard Quick Release Snap Shackle

    The Halyard quick release snap shackle is primarily used for single person swings. This allows the participant to pull the rip cord when they're ready, and swing! The swivel deters any twisting on the line.  Description Working...

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