• 3/8" Guy Wire Auto Dead-End 3/8" Guy Wire Auto Dead-End

    3/8" Guy Wire Auto Dead-End

    Guy Wire Auto Dead-End with installation bail. Used with 3/8" galvanized aircraft cable and ropes course construction. Description Gripping Unit- Stainless Steel Yoke- Aluminum Alloy Bail- Stainless Steel Designed for use on all grades of...

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  • 5/8" Washers Round

    5/8" Washers

    5/8" galvanized washers for use with thimble eye, angle thimble eye, and nut eye bolts.  Options include: Round, Square, Curved Square, and Double Coil Lock Washers. Price varies based on option selected.To order a larger quantity of washers change...

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  • 5/8" x 4" Lag Eye Screw

    5/8" x 4" Lag Eye Screw

    5/8" x 4" Drop forged lag eye screw.Used in ropes course construction.  Description Forged- Galvanized Threading- 5/8-5 Shank Length- 4" Overall Length- 6.5" Inside Eye Dimensions- 1.25" Made in China

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  • Ductile Suspension Clamp

    Ductile Suspension Clamp

    The ductile suspension clamp is a saddle type suspension clamp designed for use on overhead ground wire. They are designed for ground wire application with galvanized steel cable with or without armor rods. These clamps have a strength rating of 16000...

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  • Flat Face 4 w/ Hand Hold (Removable Hand Hold) Flat Face 4 w/ Hand Hold (Removable Hand Hold)

    Flat Face 4 w/ Hand Hold (Removable Hand Hold)

    The Flat Face 4 got its name because the aluminum wall plate attaches to the wall flat, thus preventing un-welcomed climbers. The 4 is there because any hand hold can be used 4 different ways. The Flat Face 4 fits snugly into the stationary base for...

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  • Galvanized Staples

    Galvanized Staples

    Galvanized diamond point staples. Choose from 6" or 8" staples using the drop down menu.To order a larger quantity of staples change the quantity in your shopping cart to the desired number and update your cart. Qty 1 = 1 Staple

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  • Havens Grip w/ Latch

    Havens Grip w/ Latch

    The havens grip is used to tighten cables without causing any damage while under maintenance. For use with 3/8" galvanized aircraft cable.

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  • Heavy Duty Wire Rope Cutter

    Heavy Duty Wire Rope Cutter

    Notched, shear-cut blades hold and lock cable in cutting position. Shear-cut blades give a clean and sharp cut. Designed for cutting wire rope, steel wire and aircraft cable.Cutters have double hinge that provides high cutting force with low...

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