Tree Access ANSI XT

  • $780.00


A fully certified fall-arrest harness with all the functions of the Tree Access ANSI ST saddle.
The Tree Access ANSI XT is the perfect harness for workers who want the maximum efficiency and performance for SRT maneuvers and who need fall-arrest certification for work in buckets and elevating platforms. The sturdy build meets European CE EN, ANSI and ASTM standards. The sit harness offers many connection possibilities for efficient organization, work and positioning: two mobile attachment bridges made of rope reinforced with tubular webbing; side loops at the ends of the lower bridge and aluminum alloy ring on the upper bridge; double ventral attachment point, one metallic and one textile; two side rings and one back ring on the belt; numerous gear loops and slots for the Kilo gear carabiner. Fully equipped chest harness: sternal and dorsal fall arrest points with activation indicators; dedicated attachment points for the Turboknee System ascender; 3Lock carabiner with removable anti-rotation pin; parking position for fall arrest lanyard.
The comfort is incomparable: adjustable connection of the mobile bridges to the belt allow the worker to adjust the position of suspension; ergonomic padding with variable thickness; low-profile patented STS ANSI buckles on the leg loops; ergonomic padding on the shoulders.