TOP Seat Harness

  • $63.00


Fully adjustable harness with a single tie-in point.  The top uses the Rock&Lock buckle system that improves fit and performance.  Suited for challenge courses, indoor gym climbing or as a lightweight mountaineering harness.


  • one size fits all (from children to adults) Waist: 24-47" Leg Loops: 17-27" 
  • lightweight construction, no padding 
  • 3 Rock&Lock smart buckles for easy and fast adjustment 
  • adjustable leg loops with Rock&Lock buckles allow the harness 
    to be put on even with skis or crampons 
  • reinforced tie-in point/belay loop for increased durability 
  • tie-in point placed above the center of gravity prevents 
    the body rotation in case of fall 
  • color belay loop for proper tie-in 
  • attachment point with a full strength 15 kN 
  • 1 gear loop with a load capacity 10 kg
  • CE and UIAA Certified
  • Versions: Top or Top Padded
  • Top Padded includes padded leg loops for added comfort

Color: Yellow