Technora Mini Haul Kit

  • $371.00


Mini-Haul System Technora® – The BlueWater Mini Haul system is a great solution to many problems. Works for a multitude of applications. The kit has the BlueWater Multi-Use Technician bag with velcro belt type rear attachment. Can be removed from belt or harness and placed on structure or litter easily. The rope is a BlueWater 8mm high cut resistant Technora aramid sheath with a nylon core. As a result of our thirty years of sewing experience and our commitment to the finest quality and highest level of safety, we absolutely batch test each machine set up for ALL sewn products. Our comprehensive testing program insures our products meet the rated strength every time we manufacture each specific product. Overall rope length is 30 feet. Working length is 10 feet rigged in the pulleys.


  • 1- 6mm stainless steel quick link
  • 2- Black double sheave BW mini pulleys (1 with a becket)
  • 2 Autolock Rock Exotica Pirate carabiners
  • Made and assembled in GA, USA