Steel Oval Carabiner

  • $41.00


When you need the durability of steel in a classic shape, you won't find any better than the Kong steel oval carabiner. 


  • Oval carabiner carbon steel

  • Wide-opening

  • Options: screw sleeve (screw gate) and 3 stage Auto-Lock

  • High load of 40 KN. Ideal for heavy duty applications and for connection to structural anchors, lifelines, etc. 
  • Key features:
    • System Keylock
    • High quality product entirely developed and manufactured in Italy
    • Tested piece by piece
    • UIAA approved
    • EN 12275/B- EN362/M
    • NFPA-G
    • AutoLock model is certified to ANSI/ASSE Z359.12

Recommended for

  • Scaffolding and trestels
  • Metal structures 
  • Confined spaces 
  • Portable stairs and elevating platforms 
  • Treeclimbing/arboriculture 
  • Cableway evacuation 
  • Sailboats 
  • Roof and inclined planes 
  • Rope Access

Rescue Applications

  • Cableway Evacuations
  • Fire brigades and civil protection

 *product color may vary