X-large Carbon Auto Block Carabiner

  • $36.00


Kong XL Carbon steel carabiners are the universal go to carabiner. 


  • Three-stage Autolock
  • Connector with a wide mouth opening and high tensile strength. 
  • The D Shape prevents connector rotation and allows the load to be weighted along the major axis.
  • Carbon steel construction 
  • Meets ANSI 359.12:2009 requirements
  • Meets CE and EN 12275 requirements
  • Meets UIAA requirements

Strength: 50kN and 16kN Gate

Recommended Use

  • Scaffolding and trestels 
  • Metal structures 
  • Confined spaces 
  • Tree climbing/arboriculture
  • Cableway evacuation
  •  Roof and inclined planes
  •  Rope Access