Number's Thumball

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The Number's Thumball

is a very versatile ball that can be used to prompt processing, reflection, get to know you, and icebreaker activities. Use Numbers Thumball to improve counting, number identification and one to one correspondence. Create and solve addition, subtraction and multiplication equations. 

Process:  Ball has numbers 1 through 12.  Throw it, catch it, and ask them complete a specific task based on how the activity was front-loaded. 

Mathematics:  Use the thumball to enhance ways of teaching 1 to 1 correspondence, counting, number words, introduction to Addition, Subtraction, or Multiplication. 

Icebreaker Tool:  Prepare 12 Icebreaker questions that relate to your group and have on hand for yourself, each group, or post the questions large enough for groups to see. The types of questions can change with every group and as the group gets to know each other better. Good tool that allows you to up the ante if needed. 

Processing Tool: Come up with a list of 12 Debriefing Questions and list them on a flip chart nearby. When a participants catches the ball. They look under their thumb, announce the number, and then answer the corresponding question on the flip chart. This allows you to customize your questions for each unique group you work with. 


  • Answer the question found under your thumb about yourself.
  • Ask another participant the question.
  • Predict the answer another participant would give.
  • Recall the answers given by other participants.