Keychain Debrief

  • $24.00


This collection of key chains are miniature versions of several Training Wheels products. Many of the activity descriptions are from my book, A Teachable Moment, A Facilitators Guide to Activities for Processing, Debriefing, Reviewing, and Reflection. I co-authored this book with Jim Cain and Jennifer Stanchfield. Collectively we came up with over 130 different processing activities. If you would like to add even more processing activities to your ‘bag of tricks’ I highly recommend you pick up a copy from our online store.

This activity originated from a request of a participant in one of my Processing Workshops at a conference. The request was a processing tool that could be used each night of a 5 day retreat. It needed to be simple to deliver and priced appropriately as he had 26 retreat cabins he needed to equip.

One of the key chains in Keychain Debrief is a mini deck of playing cards in a plastic case. I decided to add to this booklet the 9 sample activities from my book, Playing With a Full Deck, 52 Team Activities Using a Deck of Cards. So if you happen to have a copy of the full book, you actually have 65 activities you could do with this Keychain Debrief!

Activities Included: Where in the World, Hollywood Clapboard, Mini Body Part Debrief, An Apple A Day, Lucky You, Proud Moments, Walk A Mile In Your Shoes, Impression Feet, Helping Hand, Consensus Thumbs, Thumbs Up, Ripple Effect, Virtual Slide Show, Reflection information