GZL Hydraulic Dismount System

  • $13,162.00


The Signature GZL Hydraulic Dismount System is a durable, low maintenance, and easy to use unit! It's designed to assist in operations on gravity zip lines (GZLs). The system provides accessibility to participants by lowering and raising the zip line to ground level for both entry and exit! This allows participants to experience zip lining without having to climb! This unit is comprised of 3 basic systems- Mechanical, Electrical, and Hydraulic- all housed in an extremely durable steel box (See pictures above!) The GZL Hydraulic Dismount System was designed by Signature's in house engineers, installers, and industry professionals! Each unit is assembled at the Signature headquarters in Georgia, USA! 


  • Steel Box Housing
    • Water resistant
    • Powder coated for extended durability
    • Lockable 
    • Built in fork lift runners for easy movement. The runners double as legs to provide greater stability.
    • Lifting handles for two man manual lift
  • User Controls
    • The user controls receptacles are mounted on the outside wall of the steel box for easy plug in and use! The receptacles are weather resistant!
    • Features a master switch (the big red one) located in the same housing as the controls receptacles on the outside of the steel box for easy accessibility. 
      • Lockable for security and for Lock Out Tag Out procedures
    • The controls are detachable and to be stored in the box for security and safe keeping
  • Labeling
    • All required warning, service, and identification labels are installed on the inside of the steel box in plain view.
  • Associated items
    • This unit can be paired with a locking swing arm and 4 to 1 system to raise participants to the start point with out having to lower the zip line. For more information on the 4 to 1, click Jag Rescue Kit. More information on the locking swing are is coming soon!