G Series Modified D Steel

  • $20.00


Cypher G Series carabiners feature Keylock gates for snag free operation. Twist Lock (TL) and Triple Lock (3AL) gates meet ANSI Z359 strength standards of 16kN for safety. (Note: Screw Gate carabiners are not included in ANSI standards). Yellow zinc plated for corrosion resistance and long life. Modified D shape which provides 22mm (.86 in) of gate clearance with a compact frame.

  • Weight SG: 215 grams / 7.6 oz
  • Weight TL: 254 grams / 9 oz
  • Weight 3AL: 257 grams / 9.1 oz
  • Strength SG: 50kN and 16kN gate
  • Strength TL: 50kN and 16kN gate
  • Strength 3AL: 50kN and 16kN gate
  • CE Certified EN362 EN12275 ANSI Z359.1-2007/Z35912.2009