Eureka Aluminum Carabiner

  • $23.00


EUREKA Auto Lock 

  • Aluminum is significantly lighter than steel and is therefore fat more popular in the outdoor and climbing industries where weight is a major factor.
  • Locking Gate come with a separate mechanism or sleeve that ensures the carabiner does not accidentally open.
  • Auto-locking carabiner uses an internal spring mechanism to not only close the carabiner but also lock the carabiner as soon as the gate is released.
  • Pin Nose Gate is a notch in the nose of the carabiner to maintain the structure and strength. This nose type is typically stronger.
  • HMS AKA pear shape—commonly used in belaying due to its shape.

Outer Dimension: 4.45" x 2.9"                                                                                                

Meets EN 362:2004:2004 standards. 

MBS: 28 kN