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The ALF is a two-way locking pulley, designed to be used as part of a continuous loop system, in order to protect climbers as the climb vertical structures. The ALF is ideal for use on ladder climbs and in Ropes Course applications. Fall distance is limited to a few centimetres, so following a fall, most climbers are able to regain their grip on the structure, to resume their climb, unaided by staff. When a rescue is required, this can often be carried out from the safety of the ground.

The ALF Climb Assist Pulley was designed for the Challenge Course industry, as a simple method of protecting users on thier way around a High Ropes/Challenge course.

The ALF is also a protection solution for workers on towers, masts, Wind Turbines and even in constrution applications where a cost-effective, temporary climb assist solution is required for short duration working.

In the event of a fall, the ALF Pulley locks on quickly to arrest the fall.  As fall distances are extremely small, it is extremely unlikely that the user will be incapacitated.  However if necessary, a rescue can be easily organised from ground level.

The ALF has been field and cycle tested by over 4000 users with no detriment to performance and with little or no wear.  The Alf has been extensively drop tested, in line with both CE EN360 and ANSI Z359.  The unit has also been tested with weights other than those required for CE and ANSI Standards and has been statically pulled to destruction- making it probably the safest Climb Assist product in the world!

The unit can be rigged in a continuous loop system, using a Large Single Prussik Pulley (Aluminium)