5/8" x 12" Hook & Hook Turnbuckle

  • $26.00


5/8" Drop forged hook and hook turnbuckle.


  • 12" in length
  • Made from Drop-forged Carbon Steel for durability and Hot Dip Galvanized to ASTM A-153 for corrosion and weather resistance
  • Hook & Hook Turnbuckles meet the performance requirements of ASTM Specification F1145-05 and Federal Specifications FF-T-791B- Type1, Form 1, Class 5 and have a safety design factor of 5 to 1
  • Recommended for in-line or straight pull applications only
  • Turnbuckle Working Load Limit 2,250 lbs


  • Do not exceed the working load limit
  • Do not subject to shock or impact loading
  • Inspect regularly before use. If worn, distorted or damaged, discard and replace