Body Parts Keychain

  • $7.00


This Body Part Keychain is a lightweight, take anywhere type of debriefing tool.  It includes five small body part charms with a ball chain, plus three stoplight beads and a splitter ring to put them on.  Here are some metaphors you could use with each of the items:

Heart:  What is a feeling you experienced today?

Brain:  What is something you learned today?

Hand:  Give a hand to someone for a job well done!

Foot:  What direction would you like to see yourself going?

Lungs:  Name a time where you stopped and took a deep breath today.


With the Stoplight tool, you could use this as a Behavior Management tool:

Red:  What is something I need to stop doing?

Yellow:  What is something I should be careful of?

Green:  What is something I'm doing well that I should continue doing?


This simple, light-weight tool is perfect for summer camp counselors, back country wilderness programs, team building facilitators and teachers.