Arrowhead Puzzle

  • $10.00


Here is a challenging puzzle for exploring the concepts of limited resources.  If your team needs to successfully complete a task when there seems to be insufficient resources to do so, then this is the perfect puzzle for you.  

Using the seven puzzle pieces shown here, simultaneously assemble five arrowheads.  One arrowhead is already complete, and provides a size template for the remaining arrowheads.  Each of the four remaining arrowheads will be the same size as this one.  When you are finished, you will be able to see all five arrowheads at the same time.

A simple seven piece vinyl puzzle that creates a teachable moment that will last long after the puzzle is solved. Learn how to do more with less, using this puzzle.  Full instruction sheet with debriefing points, plus puzzle pieces included.  

Featured in the Teambuilding Puzzles Book by Jim Cain, Mike Anderson, Chris Cavert and Tom Heck.