8.8mm Argon

  • $289.00


The Argon is the skinniest and newest single rope in our dynamic line. This triple certified rope is ideal for the climber who enjoys alpine, ice, sport, and mixed routes. Like our other skinny ropes, the Argon has a tighter braid pattern which helps it outlast other competitors in this diameter range. Available with our Double-Dry treatment and Bi-Color option.

Note – This rope is not recommended for top-roping or working of routes due to its small diameter. All equipment MUST be rated to accept 8.8mm diameter ropes. ALWAYS test in a safe and controlled setting before climbing. For use by expert climbers only.

Diameter:   8.8mm
Grams Per Meter:    52
Impact Force:    8.1 kN
UIAA Falls Held:    5
Static Elongation:    9.1%
Dynamic Elongation:    34.4%
Sheath Slippage:    0%
Sheath Mass:    35%


EU Regulation Declaration – 8.8mm Argon