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Crescent Kayaks

  • Performance


    Crescent's American made Performance paddle pulls easily through the water, moving you forward with less effort. The two piece aluminum shaft promotes ultimate paddle efficiency and offers superior...

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  • Splash II

    Splash II

    The versatility of the Splash II double allows it to be more than the traditional tandem. With its three-seat configuration, it is an incredible value for anyone who wants the option to share their...

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  • Splashback Single

    Splashback Single

    The Splashback single is the best tracking 10ft kayak on the market. It’s light weight and smaller size gives it a large advantage. The patented full length keel allows you to stay on...

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  • SUP+


    SUP(+) was hand shaped by Steve Brom, a renowned surfboard, kayak, and paddleboard designer located in world-recognized surf location Santa Barbara, California. Brom effortlessly created this paddle...

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