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  • 2" Double Service Line Pulley

    CMI's 2" Double Service Line Pulley is comprised of stainless steel side plates. two 2" aluminum sheaves, bushing, and a stainless steel axle. This pulley is is designed for use with rope...

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  • 2" Service Line Pulley

    The CMI Service Line pulley stainless steel pulley features rotating side plates allowing the attachment of the pulley anywhere on the rope or cable. These are designed for rescuers on a budget. They...

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  • CMI Shear Reduction Pulley

    Stainless steel sideplates, 3" aluminum hard coated sheave, bushing, and stainless steel axle. Sheave locking bolt allows sheave to be reversed, extending the useful life. Part Number:...

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  • CMI Trolley Brake Block

    CMI Trolley Brake Block

    Carved from dense Appalachian hardwood and sealed with an environmentally safe preservative. The striking surface is crafted from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, noted for it's exceptional...

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  • LEAD Anchor

    LEAD Anchor

    This may look like other lead anchors you've seen, but our clever design achieves a 10,000-pound MBS in a lightweight package.   Description Size: 3.25"X 2" Weight: 0.5 lbs Breaking...

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  • RC Cable Pulley

    Stainless steel sideplates, 2" stainless steel sheave, bronze bushing and stainless steel axle. This cable pulley is the perfect addition to your ropes course! Description Part Number:...

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  • Rope Washer

    These rope washers allow you to wash your rope in an easy and convenient manner. Description Will accommodate ropes up to 1/2" (12mm)  The unique flow pattern created by our exclusive...

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