Climbing Wall

  • Alphabet Set

    Alphabet Set

    Great care was taken to design these shapes so that they would be artistic climbing holds with usable features. Our alphabet holds are not your basic "blocky" design that is common to the hold industry. Spell out your favorite climber's name or play word...

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  • Hula Hoop Hold

    Hula Hoop Hold

    Snap a standard hula hoop into this hold to create unique activities and games on your climbing wall. The hoop easily pops out of the hold if the climber falls. *product color may vary

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  • Kidz Holds

    Kidz Holds

    Just another lazy day from your childhood. These sets capture images from your childhood and transform them into shapes on your wall. Remember playing with inch worms or frogs? How about chasing the ice cream truck down the street or going to a...

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  • Numbers Set

    Numbers Set

    Numerals 0-9 are brought to you by the same artisans that created the alphabet set. These holds make great learning tools for young climbers. *product colors may vary

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  • Removable Hold

    Removable Hold

    Worried about unauthorized use of your climbing wall? Having a problem with theft? The removable hold is the perfect solution. Simply mount the included bracket to your wall and then slide the hold on. At the end of your session, simply lift the...

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  • Wall Mats

    Wall Mats

    These climbing wall mats are designed to offer both floor and wall protection. They are hinged at the bottom and attached to the wall so they stay firmly in place at all times. Each mat is 4' wide and 6' high with custom sizes available upon request...

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