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  • Amsteel II Plus Uncoated Rope

    Amsteel II Plus Uncoated Rope

    AmSteel® II Plus has a high-strength core with a cover that creates a firm rope while serving to protect the strength-member core. This rope has extremely low elongation and is a lightweight replacement for wire rope. Ansteel is often used as winch...

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  • Ductile Suspension Clamp

    The ductile suspension clamp is a saddle type suspension clamp designed for use on overhead ground wire. They are designed for ground wire application with galvanized steel cable with or without armor rods. These clamps have a strength rating of 16000...

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  • Heavy Duty Wire Rope Cutter

    Notched, shear-cut blades hold and lock cable in cutting position. Shear-cut blades give a clean and sharp cut. Designed for cutting wire rope, steel wire and aircraft cable.Cutters have double hinge that provides high cutting force with low...

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  • Serving Sleeve

    Serving Sleeve for use with 3/8" or 1/2" galvanized aircraft cable and ropes course construction. For holding down the loose end of galvanized aircraft cable projecting beyond the clamp. Serving sleeves have a flared end to speed application. Hot...

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  • Swage (Ferrule)

    Swage (Ferrule)

    The Loos & Company Zinc Plated Copper Ferrule, also known as the a swage, are a must for ropes course construction. Description Capable of supporting a greater load than the rated breaking strength of the cable  Zinc plated to reduce...

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  • Thimble (Heavy Duty)

    Heavy duty galvanized thimbles used with zip line and ropes course construction. Description Galvanized to stand up to the elements Relieve the strain on three strand rope and cable by maintaining a smooth radius and provide a metal chafe guard for...

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