• Amsteel II Plus Uncoated Rope Amsteel II Plus Uncoated Rope

    Amsteel II Plus Uncoated Rope

    AmSteel® II Plus has a high-strength core with a cover that creates a firm rope while serving to protect the strength-member core. This rope has extremely low elongation and is a lightweight replacement for wire rope. Ansteel is often used as winch...

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  • Ductile Suspension Clamp

    Ductile Suspension Clamp

    The ductile suspension clamp is a saddle type suspension clamp designed for use on overhead ground wire. They are designed for ground wire application with galvanized steel cable with or without armor rods. These clamps have a strength rating of 16000...

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  • Galvanized Aircraft Cable (per ft) - Korean

    Galvanized Aircraft Cable (per ft) - Korean

    Please choose one of the three sizing options using the Cable Length drop down menu.  1. 7x19 - 1/4" Hot Dip Galvanized Aircraft Cable. MBS - 7000 lbs, made in Korea 2. 7x19 - 3/8" Hot Dip Galvanized Aircraft Cable. MBS - 14400 lbs, made...

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  • Havens Grip w/ Latch

    Havens Grip w/ Latch

    The havens grip is used to tighten cables without causing any damage while under maintenance. For use with 3/8" galvanized aircraft cable.

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  • Heavy Duty Wire Rope Cutter

    Heavy Duty Wire Rope Cutter

    Notched, shear-cut blades hold and lock cable in cutting position. Shear-cut blades give a clean and sharp cut. Designed for cutting wire rope, steel wire and aircraft cable.Cutters have double hinge that provides high cutting force with low...

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  • Serving Sleeve

    Serving Sleeve

    Serving Sleeve for use with 3/8" or 1/2" galvanized aircraft cable and ropes course construction. For holding down the loose end of galvanized aircraft cable projecting beyond the clamp. Serving sleeves have a flared end to speed application. Hot...

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  • Swage (Ferrule) Swage (Ferrule)

    Swage (Ferrule)

    The Loos & Company Zinc Plated Copper Ferrule, also known as the a swage, are a must for ropes course construction. Description Capable of supporting a greater load than the rated breaking strength of the cable  Zinc plated to reduce...

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  • Swaging Tool

    Swaging Tool

    The Hit Hand Swager tool is designed for crimping aluminum and copper oval sleeves and stop sleeves.  Description Manufacturer: HIT Tools Oval Sleeve: 3/8" Length: 36"

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