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Here you'll find everything you need to repair your ziplines and ropes course! Washers, bolts, cable, thimbles- You name it, we have it!

  • 6" 3.25"

    1/2" Nut Eye Bolts

    1/2" diameter nut eye bolts used in ropes and challenge course construction. Description Drop forged (hot galvanized). Eye diameter is 1". The threads run half of the total length of the bolt. One hex nut included with each bolt.  Working...

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  • 1/2" Washers 1/2" Washers

    1/2" Washers

    1/2" galvanized single coil lock and round washers. These are used in ropes course construction.  To order, choose the type (Round or Single Coil Lock) of washers you'd like, click the appropriate box, then enter the quantity in the field provided.

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  • 3/4" Timber Bolts w/ Nut 3/4" Timber Bolts w/ Nut

    3/4" Timber Bolts w/ Nut

    3/4" diameter galvanized steel timber bolt with 6" thread length. Includes one nut. Choose the length that you need using the drop down menu.  Can't find the size you need? Give us a call 770-577-8048. 

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  • 3/4" Washers 3/4" Washers

    3/4" Washers

    Galvanized 3/4" washers used with 3/4" diameter Timber, Machine, Nut Eye, Angle Thimble Eye, Thimble Eye, and Carriage bolts for ropes course construction.  Sizes/Types of washers: -2" Square -Round -Double Coil Lock  Choose your type...

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  • 3/8" Guy Wire Auto Dead-End 3/8" Guy Wire Auto Dead-End

    3/8" Guy Wire Auto Dead-End

    Guy Wire Auto Dead-End with installation bail. Used with 3/8" galvanized aircraft cable and ropes course construction. Description Gripping Unit- Stainless Steel Yoke- Aluminum Alloy Bail- Stainless Steel Designed for use on all grades of...

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  • 4 Prong Zinc Tee Nuts

    4 Prong Zinc Tee Nuts

    Tee Nuts can be used in hard or soft wood. For use with climbing holds fitted with a 3/8" bolt. To order a larger quantity of tee nuts change the quantity in your shopping cart to the desired number and update your cart. 

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  • 5/8" Angle Thimble Eye Bolts

    5/8" Angle Thimble Eye Bolts

    5/8" diameter Angle Thimble Eye Bolt used for ropes course construction. Description The broad radius of the eye provides an excellent attachment point to deadend or guy messenger wire, guy strand or formed wire grips.  Thimble eye bolts...

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