Singing Rock

  • Buddy Belay Device Buddy Belay Device

    Buddy Belay Device

    Light weight belay tube that won't kink your rope. Easy to use with double or single ropes. Effectively dissipates heat while providing a silky smooth belay or rappel. Description Weight: 54...

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  • Craggy Crack Gloves Craggy Crack Gloves

    Craggy Crack Gloves

    Crack climbing gloves providing very effective hand protection against scratching. Description Provide increased friction and firm up a climber´s hands Don't restrict wrist movement and...

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  • Expert 3D Steel Speed Expert 3D Steel Speed

    Expert 3D Steel Speed

    A fully adjustable harness, the Expert 3D Steel Speed is perfect for rope access with a padded wide waist belt, leg loops and shoulder straps. Suitable also for work positioning, fall arrest and work...

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  • Grippy Gloves Grippy Gloves

    Grippy Gloves

    Made out of quality cow hide leather. Reinforced palm, abrasion resistant with 3/4 finger for increased dexterity. Easy to put on thanks to special pull loop/carabiner attachment...

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  • Jacob Etrier (6 Step)

    Jacob Etrier (6 Step)

    The Jacob 6 Etrier is Singing Rock's ultralight six step ladder. This is a great addition to your rescue kit! Description 4 Large Steps 2 Small Subsidiary Steps Plastic Reinforcement of...

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  • Pearl Coral Packet

    Pearl Coral Packet

    Unique set for all women who climb in the gym or out at the crags. Included Items: Pearl Harness- Women’s climbing and mountaineering harness with adjustable leg loops  Bora GP...

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  • Rope Dancer II Rope Dancer II

    Rope Dancer II

    The Rope Dancer II is designed for ropes courses and adventure. All points are reinforced for long lasting performance. Includes 2 front and 1 rear reinforced attachment points. Safety double buckles...

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  • Technic Steel Speed Technic Steel Speed

    Technic Steel Speed

    Fully adjustable work positioning and fall arrest harness with steel components and buckles. This harness is suitable for all Adventure Course elements and meets or exceeds NPFA Class III, ANSI Z359...

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  • Top Color Belay Loop


    Fully adjustable harness with a single tie-in point.  The top uses the Rock&Lock buckle system that improves fit and performance.  Suited for challenge courses, indoor gym climbing or...

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